True Crime Today: Another Murder Solved By Genealogy Technology; Expanded Search For Jayme Closs

In Carlsbad, CA…

Yet another cold case murder has been solved, this time thanks to both genealogy and forensic technology.The Carlsbad Police Department and San Diego County Sheriffs Office announced yesterday that David Mabrito has been identified as the perpetrator in the 2007 murder of 39-year-old Jodine Serrin.

Jodine Serrin

Jodine was described as a “high functioning” mentally disabled person by her family, who was living in a ground floor condo her parents had purchased for her in Carlsbad, CA. On Valentine’s Day 2007, Jodine’s parents arrived at her home and entered her bedroom, where they found Jodine and a man they thought must be her boyfriend engaged in what they thought was an “intimate moment”. After demanding the man get dressed and leave, the parents exited the bedroom and waited for their daughter and the man to emerge. When neither did, the parents entered the bedroom again where they found Jodine beaten and strangled. There was no sign of the man they had seen.

The case was cold for more than a decade, when investigators teamed up with Parabon NanoLabs. Parabon was able to create a computer generated image of the suspect using DNA left at the crime scene. Investigators also utilized burgeoning forensic genealogy technology to find a potential match in available open source DNA. It was through this method that Mabrito’s name was identified, and the DNA found at the murder scene was matched to samples of Mabrito’s DNA being held at a different law enforcement agency. 

Mabrito committed suicide in 2011, but hopefully the identification of Jodine’s killer brings her family some measure of closure.

Some Links:

Rape and murder suspect identified in 11-year cold case based on new genetic technology
Genealogy helps solve 2007 murder mystery of woman killed in Carlsbad apartment

In Barron, WI…

Minor update here, but it looks like investigators on the Closs murder/abduction case are bringing in a new FBI team to assist in the search for Jayme. The team will reportedly be expanding “the video surveillance search” along Highway 8 between the Closs home and Turtle Lake. If you read my post from last week about the case, you’ll recall that a civilian ground search was conducted on that strip of highway back in October. Intriguingly, the team is also bringing in a K-9 “trained to sniff out chemicals from concealed electronic devices” and the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit to create a profile of the killer which I am REALLY hoping gets released to the public. 

In addition to the news about the new FBI team, a couple of other new tidbits of info have been dropped. Namely:

  • Jayme’s cell phone was recovered from the Closs home, charging in the kitchen.
  • Some “undisclosed properties” have been searched in connection to the case and a chair, mattress, and door were among the items seized as evidence

The disclosure of Jayme’s phone having been recovered is big on its face, but if anything incriminating that could help find Jayme was found on the phone it likely would have been by now. Just my thought. The evidence that has been recovered from those “undisclosed properties” is what really struck me here. To me, this implies investigators are looking closely at people who knew the Closs family or that they have some suspects in mind. 

Interesting stuff, I’ll continue to follow this closely. Tomorrow marks one month since Jayme’s abduction and her parents murder. Keep her family in your thoughts tonight, and if you or someone you know has any information regarding this case, please contact the tip line at 1-855-744-3879 or send tip information via email to


New Video Surveillance Search Expanded, Electronic Device Detecting K-9 Used in Jayme Closs Search

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