True Crime Culture: Someone Knows Something

I listen to, watch, and read about true crime through different forms of media on a daily basis. I’ll use this space to highlight my pick for the best of the week.

This season of Someone Knows Something, its fifth, has been a bit of a slow burn; there’s too many episodes and every episode has felt like one long, endless conversation with a handful of very polite Canadians. But the second of this week’s episodes, Episode 8: Other Brother finally got my attention with the revelation that the victim, Kerrie Ann Brown, had a half-brother who reportedly engaged in some very suspicious behavior on the night of her murder.

Kerrie Ann Brown

For those unfamiliar with the podcast, and/or the case, this season focuses on the murder of Kerrie Brown. Kerrie was 15-years-old when her body was found near a horse stable in Thompson, Manitoba. She had been sexually assaulted and beaten. Kerrie attended a house party with some friends on October 16, 1986 and told her parents before she left home that she’d be staying over at a friend’s house. Kerrie was supposed to leave the party with that friend but instead walked off into the night by herself. She was never seen alive again. Her body was found on October 18 by some horseback riders and while investigators were able to collect DNA evidence from the scene, the case remains unsolved today.

This week’s episode explores the revelation that Kerrie had a half-brother from her mother’s previous marriage, and some of the troubling anecdotes that Kerrie’s father and brother remember about him. I highly recommend the ep, and if there’s any interest perhaps I’ll cover the case in the future.




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