True Crime Today: An Emanuela Orlandi Update; Runaway Teen Doesn’t Want To Be Found

In Rome, Italy…

Two days ago, I wrote about the bone fragments found at the Vatican’s Embassy to Italy. Investigators were hopeful that they could link the remains, via DNA testing, to 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi or 15-year-old Mirella Gregori. Both girls went missing in Rome 35 years ago, though the two cases have never been linked.


Since yesterday’s writing, coroner Giovanni Arcudi has stated that preliminary examinations of those bones appear to reveal that they belonged to a woman in her 30’s. Despite the coroner’s findings, the Orlandi family is still reportedly hopeful that the remains could belong to Emanuela. I doubt that these bones are going to be linked to either girl, but I’m sending all the positivity I can muster to the Orlandi  and Gregori families in the hopes that they can find some peace.

In Mountain Lakes, NJ…

This is a strange one. The day before Halloween, 15-year-old Thomas Kolding ran away from home following an argument with his father over a bad grade. He took $1,000 out of his savings account, and left behind his cell phone along with notes for his family and friends indicating that he did not want to be found.

Thomas Kolding

Police have been able to track Thomas’ moves to an extent, and he was caught on a surveillance camera at Walter Rand Train Station in Camden, NJ, a few miles from Philadelphia. Evidence found by police on Thomas’ computer suggests that he may be trying to travel to California. Thomas’ parents are understandably distraught, and a vigil was organized by their community this Wednesday to show support and console the family.

Thomas Kolding, captured on surveillance footage at Walter Rand Train Station

This case immediately made me think of Andrew Gosden. Andrew was a 14-year-old boy living in Doncaster England, who in 2007 skipped school, took money out of his savings account, boarded a train to London and then disappeared. He was caught on surveillance cameras at Kings Cross Station in London, but that is the last known sighting of him.

I really hope the cops catch up to this kid before someone can take advantage of his situation. If you have any information about Thomas’ whereabouts, please call Mt. Lakes Police at (973) 334-1413, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Missing Persons Unit at (973) 285-2900 or email Detective/Supervisor Leah Atterbury at



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