True Crime Today: A Teen Kills His Mother Over A Bad Grade; Remains in a 35-Year-Old Cold Case May Have Been Found

In DeBary, Florida…

A 15-year-old boy contacted the police in DeBary, FL this past Friday afternoon, stating that his home appeared to have been burglarized and his mother was missing. It’s unclear how much time elapsed between the teen’s call to police and his confession, but confess he did to the murder of his 46-year-old mother, Gail Cleavenger. He was charged Saturday morning.

Gail Cleavenger

The teenager admitted to police that he had gotten into an argument with his mother on Thursday night over a bad grade he had received. He then waited for his mother to go to bed, snuck into her room and strangled her. After transporting Gail’s body to a nearby church and burying her underneath a fire pit, the boy enlisted two 17-year-old friends of his to help stage a burglary in his home. Both teen accomplices have been charged as well.

The confessed murderer expressed enthusiasm for his crime, stating that he thought he had given a “Grammy-winning” performance on the 911 call reporting the burglary, a statement both macabre and ridiculous considering Grammy’s are awarded for musical performances…

In my opinion, seems like the kid had been thinking about murdering his mother for awhile and the argument fueled whatever dormant thoughts he’d been harboring. His reported enthusiasm at the time of confession, the relatively quick and efficient disposal of the body (seems like he knew right where he was going to take her) and the total lack of remorse all make it seem, to me, like he’d finally pulled off something he’d been daydreaming about. I hope they charge him as an adult.

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In Rome, Italy…

Some bone fragments have been found at the Vatican’s Embassy to Italy that may be linked to the 35-year-old disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. I won’t go into the case details here, there are several conspiracy theories involved and too much to cover in one blurb, but 15-year-old Emanuela went missing after a flute lesson in 1983 and hasn’t been heard from since.

Emanuela Orlandi

Tests are currently being performed on the bone fragments to determine if they can be positively linked to someone. It turns out, the fragments could potentially also belong to another missing 15-year-old, Mirella Gregori. Mirella went missing in Rome only 40 days before Emanuela.


  Mirella Gregori

There’s not a lot to go on here, its not clear what evidence has led investigators to think the remains might belong to either girl other than “let’s literally test anything we find to see if its them”, which after 35 years of nothing isn’t the worst methodology to follow in my opinion. I’m going to try to follow this one to see if anything else turns up.


Family’s anguish as they wait to discover if mystery bones in Vatican belong to missing cold case schoolgirl Emanuela Orlandi, 15





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