What Am I Doing Here?

I’ve had an attraction to true crime stories for as long as I can remember. While I have zero professional writing or blogging experience, I do have a lengthy personal history of ruminating on and speculating about crime stories that I come across; be it via Dateline, podcasts, or the good old fashioned news. I wanted to create a space to collect my thoughts on some of the stories I come across and hopefully share them with anyone who finds their way here. And if you have, welcome!

This is meant to be an inclusive space where all ideas are appreciated and encouraged. All opinions and speculation written here are my own. I hope to be able to share news on crime stories as they occur, thoughts on older stories that may be ongoing, and  recommendations for other media sources that may interest a true crime fan.

I’m looking forward to the journey, and  if you’re here please know that I truly appreciate you taking the time to read even a second of something I’ve written. Without you I’m whispering into the void, so thanks for listening.



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